Intuitivo for Educational Institutions

Make a step towards the digital transformation of your institution with Intuitivo. Turn the assessment process into a more pleasant and efficient process for your teachers, and make it more fun and educational for students!

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A platform that empowers schools

Beyond the benefits for teachers and students, institutions also have a lot to win with Intuitivo.

  • Digital Transformation

    Intuitivo works with both in-person and virtual environment, giving the institutions the versatility they need and helps with their digital transformation.

  • Database

    With time, your institution will build a database of of contents created in-house, intellectual property that will differentiate it from others.

  • Admin panel

    The administration has the power to manage groups and users inside the platform, it can also retrieve valuable information from this panel.

  • Collaboration

    Collaboration is one of Intuitivo's core values, and teamwork will keep the institution and the teachers organized, efficient and synchronized.

  • Productivity

    The platform drastically increases the productivity of teachers in the assessment process, making room for the teachers to focus on less routine tasks.

  • Special Requests

    We're always available to hear our partner institutions' needs and turn them into reality.

Some of our partners

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