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Intuitivo is a collaborative platform that facilitates the creation and grading of exercises and tests, built to assist teachers and schools in both virtual and in-person environment.

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Meet Intuitivo

A unique platform, dedicated to teachers and educational institutions.

Our Platform

Everything you need for the assessment process,
in one place

  • Intuitivo 10

    There's an exercise type for everything

    • The classic ones: Multiple Choices; True or False; Writing/Text.

    • The fun ones: Fill-the-gaps; Ordering; Captioning.

    • The unique ones: Smart Multiple Choices.

    • ...and many more coming soon

    • All automatically formatted and easy to create, in just a few clicks.

    • Support for mathematical signs, links, images, videos, audios, etc...
  • Intuitivo 11

    Store, organize, reuse and share contents

    • Exercise bank (so that you can keep all your contents stored in a centralized database and easily find and reuse them later).

    • Labels in exercises (so that you maintain an organized database and never lose track of any content).

    • Groups (create groups with your colleagues, collaborate with them and share contents).
      The best tool teachers have is...each other :) 
  • Intuitivo 06

    Publish your assessments for students

    • Crate and publish your assessments online, with just a few clicks (pick the exercises from your database that you want to use, choose the basic settings of the assessment, and it's done!)

    • Students can access the assessments on ANY device, through a link.
  • Intuitivo 07

    Turn your assessments into PDF files

    • Assessment Builder (use our unique assessment builder to create a printable PDF to give to your students)

    • Automatic Formatting (You no longer need to format your exercises on the word processor! We can handle that :) )

    • Intuitivo gives teacher the versatility they need, by letting them adapt the same contents to both online or in-paper.
  • Intuitivo 08

    Grade your students and give them feedback

    • Automatic grading (in almost all exercise types)

    • Live monitoring/update (while students are still answering the assessment, you can see how they're doing, live, with provisional grades)

    • Comments (add personalized feedback to your students by commenting on their answers)

    • Export grades and student answers to other files (Excel and PDF)
  • Intuitivo 13

    Mechanisms that prevent copy

    • Smart Multiple Choices (exercise type unique to Intuitivo)

    • Multiple versions of the same assessment (teachers can automatically create multiple versions of the same assessment, with shuffled exercises and options)

Some of our partners

Some testimonials of teachers using Intuitivo

  • "I still hadn't had the opportunity to use Intuitivo, until now. I liked it, and so did the students. It was just another worksheet I gave them, however, this time, they were much more motivated and even excited for solving it with the use of technology. I will certainly continue using Intuitivo."

    Sandra Lourenço, IT Teacher at AEFHP
  • "It's an intuitive platform, as its name says; it's very easy to use and it really facilitates sharing and collaboration"

  • "The platform facilitates the creation of multiple versions and drastically reduces the time of grading"

  • "With the improvements they keep introducing and those they may introduce in the future, I consider it a very useful tool"

  • "It offers a wide range of exercise types"

  • "Functional, practical and of intuitive use"

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